Primera Healthcare is a proud partner of JobsAware.

JobsAware is a not-for-profit organisation that helps make the UK labour market safer.


A brief overview.

Primera Healthcare is a specialist recruitment agency dedicated to the provision of professional care services, within the mental health and healthcare markets.

Why choose us?

We are NOT a National Provider, we are a small but well established company who believes in providing an intimate and personal service to our clients, customers and staff.


The management team of Primera Healthcare have over 40 years experience of managing Healthcare and Domiciliary Care services.


Our service is tailored and you will always have a named co-ordinator looking after a particular customer.


We carry out rigorous fitness and recruitment checks on our staff, including criminal record searches.


Primera has been given a ‘Good Rating’ from the Commission for Social Care Inspection, for all aspects of their provision.


Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in the following areas:

London (Haringey), Birmingham, Hereford, Northampton, Mansfield and surrounding areas.

We understand that the quality of service we provide is only as good as our ability to provide them.

We ensure that everyone is trained to a high standard by providing each member of staff with professional support, training and guidance to guarantee these standards are continuously maintained.

As with each member of the team, we work hard to ensure compliance of all mandatory regulations. Our team are all vigorously checked and interviewed before appointment.

There are many different types of Specialist Nurses you may need, but only one company you’ll ever need to supply them all.

Primera’s Specialist Nursing understands the importance and need for highly trained personnel in this field.

Our service builds on years of sector experience and our solid reputation in providing the very best Specialist Nursing support.

A management team with over 40 years experience.

The Management team consists of an excellent business mix of Qualified Nurses, experienced Domiciliary Care managers, Financial and Education Experts. This gives us the ability to provide a person centred service that guarantees quality provision whilst ensuring the business develops in a robust manner.