The Primera team has years of experience in the recruitment, healthcare and dental care industries.

Many of our team are nurses themselves and the majority of us have worked within recruitment, community and dental care services for more than a decade. This enables us to understand what works well and the needs of all our customers.

Our office never shuts. Our trained and experienced personnel are available

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

What Makes Us Different?

We believe in the importance of having a local presence in all of the communities we serve. We therefore operate a multi-branch organisation to ensure all of our services are accessible to our clients and service users. This also has the added benefit of being able to promote local employment which enables us to offer unrivalled personal training and support to all of our staff.

We carry out rigorous fitness and recruitment checks on our staff, including criminal record searches.

We invest in quality training to ensure our staff offer the very best care possible whilst giving them a gateway to career progression, this gives us the edge over our competitors as our staff retention rates are excellent because our staff feel valued and have job security. This in turn enables our clients, customers and service users to receive a consistent, reliable and quality service from happy people.

This is why PRIMERA has been awarded platinum status with Health Trust Europe and in its recent inspection was given a ‘Good Rating’ from the Commission for Social Care Inspection, for all aspects of our provision.


Our Philosophy

PRIMERA’s philosophy is to ‘keep it simple’ whilst working efficiently and effectively, to provide a high standard of service.

With this philosophy we guarantee:

Speed of response
Consistent quality

To help achieve this we have embraced technology with the use of a tailor made booking and availability system. This system can and does match your availability with any outstanding bookings, in seconds. At PRIMERA Healthcare, we have a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week on call service, manned by trained and experienced personnel.